Rock Out Loud Justin Bieber

02/07/2013 10:47

The Bieber knows how to give his Beliebers a real show and he proved that yet again. I had bought Justin Bieber Tickets from TicketVistas and it’s safe to say that I got my bang for the buck. Justin Bieber flew onto his mega metal stage drumming out “All around the world” for his screaming fans at the Staples Center. If the crowd’s anything to go by, the show was a definite hit. And regardless of the haters, the home made cards, banners and t-shirts, coupled with the emotionally charged atmosphere where laughter and tears of joy exist simultaneously, point to only one thing: the guy has talent that speaks to people

He works hard for the money – and the love and fame that come with it. It was only a few days ago that Bieber got sick on stage but bounced back without a crack in his dance routines and delivered a stellar performance for his audience. His talent pours out in the most amazing way during his performance of “Fall”, or maybe it’s the acoustic touch of it all – coupled with a guitar the boy’s voice was magic. An interesting thing is the manner in which Bieber continues to stay in touch with his fans while he’s on the stage. Even though a lot of the set included heavy duty dance moves, he still managed to keep his entire performance interactive. 

Fans were delighted by the montage included in the show which showcased Bieber’s journey from a little boy with a golden voice to the force that he’s become now. His collaboration with Carly Rae Jepsen is often touted as the crucial turning point where he ventured into more progressive waters. Schoolboy Records, which is Bieber’s baby, signed her on which eventually led to the super hit “Call Me Maybe” and put the guy in a whole new ball park.  For many people it was a sign that the little cute guy from Youtube was growing up and his ambition was going to take him places. Just Bieber has big plans and he’s going to keep moving forward in the world of music, and not just as an artist.

Bieber sailed through the show with one performance after another but the show came to a close with his two most popular songs i.e. “Boyfriend” and “Baby”.  At the end of the 90 minute concert you’re left with some good tunes and your insides jumping and dancing along with a group of tweens and teens. The lad’s prowess when it comes to music is unmistakable, and haters can hate but as fans will tell you “you just have to believe”.

I would suggest getting Cheap Justin Bieber Ticketsat your earliest from TicketVistas and attending one of his electrifying concerts. He’ll entertain you to your core with his mesmerizing vocals, charming personality and energy packed performance.