Gaga Power

03/21/2013 15:20

Lady gaga was once famously quoted as saying, “May we make our flaws famous, and thus redefine the heinous”. She couldn’t have described her personality better than that. Notorious for her unusual dressing sense which causes frequent heated debates on social media websites, and a media which uses controversies surrounding her to up their ratings, Lady Gaga has been adored by millions, hated by millions but never ignored by anyone.

The famous singer was once featured as a college kid on MTV’s popular show Boiling Point but today she’s a global phenomenon with millions of fans in every nook and corner of the world. Lady Gaga has become a true millennial superstar with influences of Michael Jackson, Madonna, Freddie Mercury and David Bowie visible in both her personality and live performances.  One of the first celebrities to recognize the benefits of the internet and contemporary social media, Lady Gaga used their outreach to her advantage and developed a massive fan-base which she dubs “Little Monsters”. Her music, videos and style sense has often been imitated by her peers but never duplicated. Her crossover into mainstream music made established pop stars Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson and Christina Aguilera look old fashioned and boring.

Despite of her shock value, no one in and out of the music industry is in denial of her limitless potential as a talented musician and her ability to churn out singles after singles that have gone onto become massive hits all over the world. With smash hit songs like “Poker Face”, “Alejandro”, “Telephone” and “Bad Romance” to her credit Gaga has sold more than 23 million albums in the US alone and 64 million singles worldwide with some of them becoming bestselling singles of all time. Her debut album “Dance” was a huge critical and commercial success and featured single “Just Dance” was the most download song of 2008 making her 4thbestselling digital artist of all time.

Not only is her music popular with the masses but the jury of various award shows have acknowledged her talents as well. In a relatively short amount of time Gaga has won 5 Grammy Awards and a whopping 13 MTV Video Music Awards. She was called Artist of the Year twice by Billboard magazine, and VH1 has placed her among top 10 women in the history of music. The prestigious Time magazine ranked her as the “3rd most powerful woman in the world” behind only Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The media thrives on controversies surrounding this pop sensation, and she’s under the spotlight on more than one occasion. Perhaps her most famous shocking moment came when she wore a dress made out of flesh of dead animals, yes you heard it right, and she showed up wearing a dress made out of meat designed by Franc Fernandez at the MTV Video Music Awards. Her nudity filled videos have also sparked several debates on various news shows.

Doesn’t matter where she goes, controversy is sure to follow but that hasn’t stopped this darling of millions of fans from doing what she likes. Her singles and studio albums continue to top charts and get platinum certified. If you too want to become a part of her thrilling live performance then head on over to TicketVistas, buy pair of Discounted Lady Gaga Tickets and have an experience unlike any other.

The Most Charitable Athletes of all Time

02/19/2013 14:42

Big sports bring big money. That’s a given. And if an athlete manages to hold his ground in the cutthroat competition of professional sports and gets a couple of championships under his belt then not only does he become legendary but also a millionaire. If you have ever bought tickets and seen some of these world class athletes in action, up close and personal, then one thing will become quickly evident that they work hard for the money, and the fame and glory that come with it. To give away some of that money for which they’ve literally spilled sweat and blood drilling through endless training sessions just to make someone’s life a little easier is a phenomenal gesture that cannot exactly be praised in words.

Here’s a look at some of the most giving athletes on the planet that have used their vast fortune and celebrity influence to help those in need:

David Robinson (NBA)

He was known simply as “The Admiral” during his days in the NBA winning championships for the San Antonia Spurs. But in addition to being one of the greatest centers in basketball history, David Robinson is also a seriously generous dude. In 1997, Robinson donated a staggering $5 million to establish a college prep academy in an economically challenged San Antonia neighborhood. But he didn’t stop at $5 million. In fact, to date, David Robinson and his wife have donated over $11 million to Carver Academy.

Eric Lindros (NHL)

In November 2007, on the day he announced his official retirement, former NHL all-star and MVP Eric Lindros also announced that he would be making a $5 million dollar donation to the London Health Sciences Centre in London, Ontario. Lindros was born at the hospital, and over the course of his career had numerous procedures performed there. What’s worth mentioning here is that NHL players don’t make as much money as their NBA, NFL or MLB counterparts. $5 million is a huge sum for a hockey player.

Warrick Dunn (NFL)

Even though it’s not clear how much money the former Tampa Bay Buccaneer player donated to charity, however, what is clear is that he helped several people by making down payments homes. Inspired by his mother and former cop who was killed while working as a security guard to provide for her family, his Homes for the Holidays program aims to help single parents provide a home for their families.

DikemboMutombo (NBA)

He used to be known mostly for his trademark “no, no, no” finger wag after blocking shots, but now former NBA Defensive Player of the Year DikembeMutombo is better known for his amazing dedication to charity. In 1997 he founded the DikembeMutombo Foundation to improve the lives of people in his native Democratic Republic of Congo. Since 2001 he has donated at least $15 million dollars to build a hospital in his hometown of Kinshasa. That’s putting your enormous salary to good use.

Roberto Clemente (MLB)

The top name on this list hails from an age when professional athletes were not multimillionaires. So being “charitable” back then meant more than just giving money. It meant giving of yourself, and using your celebrity status to draw attention to the plight of others. One of the greatest baseball players and one of the most important philanthropists of all time is the Pittsburgh Pirates’ Roberto Clemente.

Clemente worked tirelessly to bring money, food, and other desperately needed goods to poor people in his native Puerto Rico, as well as elsewhere in Latin America. And if he wasn’t delivering goods, he was holding baseball clinics for children. Roberto Clemente died at the age of 37. He was bringing food and supplies to help victims of a terrible earthquake in Nicaragua when his plane crashed. Though shocking and tragic, his death was fitting. Today, Major League Baseball’s humanitarian award is named the Roberto Clemente award.

These phenomenal athletes have led by example. Not only was their athletic prowess unmatched but their charitable efforts are commendable as well. TicketVistas brings you best deals on tickets so that you can watch your favorite players live. Especially the ones who contribute to the society in return as well.

Rock Out Loud Justin Bieber

02/07/2013 10:47

The Bieber knows how to give his Beliebers a real show and he proved that yet again. I had bought Justin Bieber Tickets from TicketVistas and it’s safe to say that I got my bang for the buck. Justin Bieber flew onto his mega metal stage drumming out “All around the world” for his screaming fans at the Staples Center. If the crowd’s anything to go by, the show was a definite hit. And regardless of the haters, the home made cards, banners and t-shirts, coupled with the emotionally charged atmosphere where laughter and tears of joy exist simultaneously, point to only one thing: the guy has talent that speaks to people

He works hard for the money – and the love and fame that come with it. It was only a few days ago that Bieber got sick on stage but bounced back without a crack in his dance routines and delivered a stellar performance for his audience. His talent pours out in the most amazing way during his performance of “Fall”, or maybe it’s the acoustic touch of it all – coupled with a guitar the boy’s voice was magic. An interesting thing is the manner in which Bieber continues to stay in touch with his fans while he’s on the stage. Even though a lot of the set included heavy duty dance moves, he still managed to keep his entire performance interactive. 

Fans were delighted by the montage included in the show which showcased Bieber’s journey from a little boy with a golden voice to the force that he’s become now. His collaboration with Carly Rae Jepsen is often touted as the crucial turning point where he ventured into more progressive waters. Schoolboy Records, which is Bieber’s baby, signed her on which eventually led to the super hit “Call Me Maybe” and put the guy in a whole new ball park.  For many people it was a sign that the little cute guy from Youtube was growing up and his ambition was going to take him places. Just Bieber has big plans and he’s going to keep moving forward in the world of music, and not just as an artist.

Bieber sailed through the show with one performance after another but the show came to a close with his two most popular songs i.e. “Boyfriend” and “Baby”.  At the end of the 90 minute concert you’re left with some good tunes and your insides jumping and dancing along with a group of tweens and teens. The lad’s prowess when it comes to music is unmistakable, and haters can hate but as fans will tell you “you just have to believe”.

I would suggest getting Cheap Justin Bieber Ticketsat your earliest from TicketVistas and attending one of his electrifying concerts. He’ll entertain you to your core with his mesmerizing vocals, charming personality and energy packed performance.

Wicked is WOW

01/17/2013 11:34

What do you get when you send the audience on a magical journey to Oz again in shape of a musical? Answer: The same overwhelming response that the majestic big screen counterpart starring Hollywood icon Judy Garland got back in the late 1930’s.

Wicked the musical made its stage debut back in October of 2003 and completely blew away the competition with its immersive storyline and high production values. When a show experiences success of such magnitude the only thing left to do is purchase Wicked Tickets for a discount from TicketVistas and see what all the fuss is about. That is exactly what I did. After landing a pair of Wicked Tickets for an amazing bargain price I called my friend and attended one of its presentations at the Gershwin Theater in New York.


I was already a fan of the movie and was excited to see the “untold story of Oz” as the show’s creators very cleverly called it. I honestly didn’t think anything could measure up to the original timeless Hollywood classic but to say that this nostalgic revisit to Oz completely blew my mind would be a huge understatement.

Wicked the musical rules through and through and I loved every minute of it. No musical would be complete without brilliant choreography and fantastic music to compliment the choreography and Wicked has both in ample measure. The audience is presented with song and dance moments through the entire length of the show and is a treat to watch.

This musical is based on Gregory Maguire’s best-selling book titled Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West which was a parallel novel to the classic The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. The show makes frequent references to the beloved Frank Baum book, and is written from the perspective of the Wicked Witch of the West whilst Dorothy’s journey through the Land of Oz.  


The actors playing the roles of Elphaba the green skinned Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda the Good Witch of the North have done a marvelous job and contribute heavily in making the enchanting Land of Oz believable.

This musical has won my heart and made a fan out of me along with millions of other people. If you are a parent looking to make up to your kids for missing their soccer game then its time you took them to a presentation of Wicked. I guarantee they’ll have a grand time and will remember this one long after they’ve grown up.

Mary Poppins the Musical Should Not be Missed

01/10/2013 12:16

Why on earth would anyone want to watch a musical about a movie that has been replayed regularly for over half a century now? Good question. But if musicals have survived for this long its purely because of one simple fact. That they do something extremely well which their big screen counterpart simply cannot. Musicals immerse the audience in their environment unlike a movie can enabling the viewer to directly became a part of all the fun, action and drama.

Mary Poppins the musical is no different. Sure it may have an award winning blockbuster Disney movie which preceded it and was the inspiration behind the stage version but this particular musical does something which its big screen version failed to do. It made the audience attending one of its jam-packed show's a part of Mary's enchanted secret world only a select few were aware of and now, the audience, knew her secret along with Jane and Michael and accompanied her with the kids on her fantastic otherworldly adventures.

I had been wanting to see this one for a really long time, but alas couldn't find the time. This holiday season changed that. The only thing left to do was to find Cheap Mary Poppins Tickets which usually sell out days in advance. Thank heavens for TicketVistas. The popular website never ceases to impress. I was able to find a pair of Mary Poppins Tickets for a bargain. It was time to finally watch the show.

To be completely honest originally I had no intention of watching this one. I'm a fan of the movie and I've seen it over a hundred times, well at least a fifty if not a hundred. But my friends who had recently seen the musical wouldn't shut up about how great it was. They seemed like a bunch of ten year olds who just came back from a trip to Disney Land. Naturally that made me curious.

My show was held at the luxurious New Amsterdam Theater in New York City and to say that I was completely blown away by its brilliance would be a huge understatement. THIS SHOW WAS HANDS DOWN THE MOST BRILLIANT PIECE OF BROADWAY I HAD EVER SEEN.

Hollywood Reporter couldn't have been more right when it said, "Elaborate production determined to give full value for the entertainment dollar. Arguably better than the classic movie".

Mary Poppins took all the elements of what makes a musical brilliant and elevated them to a whole new level. The costumes and stage design were breathtaking and did a fantastic job of accurately depicting an Edwardian era Britain. The musical featured the same over-the-top choreography and brilliant music which made its film version a timeless classic. It provides ample opportunities for fantastic chorus work and dance routines which never disappoint for a second and leaves the audience wanting more of those classic songs.

It's pretty clear that the cast and crew have been selected carefully and work like a well oiled machine. There are some elements in the musical which were not previously seen in the movie like a walking statue and ladders rising to the stars which contributed heavily to the overall feel of the show. It was like watching "additional footage" on a collector's edition DVD of a popular movie.

Bottom line is that Mary Poppins the musical is a must watch and presents the beloved P.L Travers books in a brand new way. I'd recommend you take your kids along for this joy ride. They're gonna love it!

Jersey Boys is a Broadway Blockbuster

12/13/2012 18:22

When one thinks of a jukebox musical one’s mind is quick to think about the peppy hit Mamma Mia, where songs appear at each plot twist and make us nostalgic of our adolescence every step of the way regardless of how sexualized our thoughts were during that time period.

Jersey Boys, however, is a jukebox musical that’s completely the opposite. In fact it’s as far away from that association as it possibly can be. The musical unwraps like anything but a family friendly label and tells the story of the famous American rock band The Four Seasons. Jersey Boys contains top 40 Four Seasons songs which catapulted the band to super stardom and led to their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The Musical

The storyline is brilliant and the audience is instantly immersed in a world of gambling, crime, drinking, women and all the baggage that comes with being in a group that has a fan-base in every nook and corner of the world. The musical biopic boldly portrays and reveals private lives of band members Nick Massi, Tommy DeVito, Bob Gaudio and frontman Frankie Valli.

The story dramatizes the formation, rise to fame and eventual decline of all the original members of The Four Seasons. The show contains four acts each represented by a season of the year and narrated by a band member. Act 1 consists of Tommy DeVito and Bob Gaudio representing the seasons of Spring and Summer respectively while Fall and Winter are represented by Nick Massi and Frankie Valli during the second Act. Each member discusses their view of the band and their contribution to it.

As the story progresses the audience experience the unpleasantness of DeVito, the affection of Gaudio, the hesitation of Massi and the absolute loyalty of Valli. The acting is spot on and the four main characters have been superbly portrayed by Dominic Nolfi, Andres Rannells, Matt Bogart and Jarrod Spector respectively and take you on a journey filled with personal confessions, dirty jokes and womanizing. Throughout the show the audience feels that they are witnessing a musical biopic instead of a jukebox musical. The show gets it right by accurately portraying the personal lives of past rock icons. As a result of its high production values, brilliant storylines and choreography the show has developed a huge fan-base over the years which would explain Jersey Boys Tickets selling out like hot cakes on popular website TicketVistas.

The story is a rare blend of several human traits like honesty, lust, arrogance and greed; elements that are rare to find in other Broadway shows. The musical contains music composed by original band member Bob Gaudio, with thought provoking lyrics written by Bob Crewe.

The musical has won rave reviews from fans and critics alike from both sides of the Atlantic and should be experienced at least once by the theater loving audience.

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