Gaga Power

03/21/2013 15:20

Lady gaga was once famously quoted as saying, “May we make our flaws famous, and thus redefine the heinous”. She couldn’t have described her personality better than that. Notorious for her unusual dressing sense which causes frequent heated debates on social media websites, and a media which uses controversies surrounding her to up their ratings, Lady Gaga has been adored by millions, hated by millions but never ignored by anyone.

The famous singer was once featured as a college kid on MTV’s popular show Boiling Point but today she’s a global phenomenon with millions of fans in every nook and corner of the world. Lady Gaga has become a true millennial superstar with influences of Michael Jackson, Madonna, Freddie Mercury and David Bowie visible in both her personality and live performances.  One of the first celebrities to recognize the benefits of the internet and contemporary social media, Lady Gaga used their outreach to her advantage and developed a massive fan-base which she dubs “Little Monsters”. Her music, videos and style sense has often been imitated by her peers but never duplicated. Her crossover into mainstream music made established pop stars Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson and Christina Aguilera look old fashioned and boring.

Despite of her shock value, no one in and out of the music industry is in denial of her limitless potential as a talented musician and her ability to churn out singles after singles that have gone onto become massive hits all over the world. With smash hit songs like “Poker Face”, “Alejandro”, “Telephone” and “Bad Romance” to her credit Gaga has sold more than 23 million albums in the US alone and 64 million singles worldwide with some of them becoming bestselling singles of all time. Her debut album “Dance” was a huge critical and commercial success and featured single “Just Dance” was the most download song of 2008 making her 4thbestselling digital artist of all time.

Not only is her music popular with the masses but the jury of various award shows have acknowledged her talents as well. In a relatively short amount of time Gaga has won 5 Grammy Awards and a whopping 13 MTV Video Music Awards. She was called Artist of the Year twice by Billboard magazine, and VH1 has placed her among top 10 women in the history of music. The prestigious Time magazine ranked her as the “3rd most powerful woman in the world” behind only Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The media thrives on controversies surrounding this pop sensation, and she’s under the spotlight on more than one occasion. Perhaps her most famous shocking moment came when she wore a dress made out of flesh of dead animals, yes you heard it right, and she showed up wearing a dress made out of meat designed by Franc Fernandez at the MTV Video Music Awards. Her nudity filled videos have also sparked several debates on various news shows.

Doesn’t matter where she goes, controversy is sure to follow but that hasn’t stopped this darling of millions of fans from doing what she likes. Her singles and studio albums continue to top charts and get platinum certified. If you too want to become a part of her thrilling live performance then head on over to TicketVistas, buy pair of Discounted Lady Gaga Tickets and have an experience unlike any other.