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Gaga Power

03/21/2013 15:20
Lady gaga was once famously quoted as saying, “May we make our flaws famous, and thus redefine the heinous”. She couldn’t have described her personality better than that. Notorious for her unusual dressing sense which causes frequent heated debates on social media websites, and a media which uses...

The Most Charitable Athletes of all Time

02/19/2013 14:42
Big sports bring big money. That’s a given. And if an athlete manages to hold his ground in the cutthroat competition of professional sports and gets a couple of championships under his belt then not only does he become legendary but also a millionaire. If you have ever bought tickets and seen some...

Rock Out Loud Justin Bieber

02/07/2013 10:47
The Bieber knows how to give his Beliebers a real show and he proved that yet again. I had bought Justin Bieber Tickets from TicketVistas and it’s safe to say that I got my bang for the buck. Justin Bieber flew onto his mega metal stage drumming out “All around the world” for his screaming fans at...

Wicked is WOW

01/17/2013 11:34
What do you get when you send the audience on a magical journey to Oz again in shape of a musical? Answer: The same overwhelming response that the majestic big screen counterpart starring Hollywood icon Judy Garland got back in the late 1930’s. Wicked the musical made its stage debut back in...

Mary Poppins the Musical Should Not be Missed

01/10/2013 12:16
Why on earth would anyone want to watch a musical about a movie that has been replayed regularly for over half a century now? Good question. But if musicals have survived for this long its purely because of one simple fact. That they do something extremely well which their big screen counterpart...

Jersey Boys is a Broadway Blockbuster

12/13/2012 18:22
When one thinks of a jukebox musical one’s mind is quick to think about the peppy hit Mamma Mia, where songs appear at each plot twist and make us nostalgic of our adolescence every step of the way regardless of how sexualized our thoughts were during that time period. Jersey Boys, however, is...

Website launched

12/13/2012 12:41
I am going to start my first webnode site today. Lets see how far I can keep this live. I will write about my interests and my favorite things, I would like to know your opinion about these as well. So chip in and start commenting, criticizing.
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